Lobby Screen Redesign Proposal
The challenge goal was to restructure the game's home/main screen information.
The redesign was divided into two phases:
1- Discovery phase, to know more about the problem and the player's needs.
2- Create a solution and present it to the main stakeholders of the game

The game had 5 years at the time, so the main concern was to create a solution that would not detract veteran players and would be pleasant for new players.

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The challenge has a deadline of one week. So I adapted the Design Sprint and the Double Diamond method to suit my development stages.

Understand: Benchmarking, Analyse players' reviews (App Store& Play Store), Hypotheses, Dept interviews: Forms, Recruitment, Script, Select Players Discover: Insights, Define core features and goals: Improvements, Game Heuristics, Cognitive behaviors, Flow, Screen Interactions, Wireframes, Mockup, Report: Next Steps.

On the first day, I performed a deep dive to identify the game's pillars. I played the game for hours to understand not only the main screen but core features related to the main screen. As only hours were not possible to see the full potential of the game. I sought to know more about the community and veteran player reviews; their concerns during videos were a valuable way to collect common problems.



After the alignment with the main stakeholders, the next steps should be to talk with the UI artist and show the mid-detailed mockups to align the art style 

High-quality prototype to prevent corner cases.
Playtest with internal team
Playtest with current players
Playtest Report to team
Improvements priorities
This challenge was demanding, but it was really fun to create a solution for a game that already had time on the market. Watching YouTube channels talking about it and looking for player commentary on the game was also an amazing experience.
My main takeaways from this challenge were how Live Ops monetization features work in a top-grossing game.​​​​​​​

DISCLAIMER: This study was entirely developed by me, with the goal of evaluating my knowledge. No features have been implemented
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