Explore Beyond is a Virtual Reality game of strategy and space exploration created for the Samsung Gear VR.
In Explore Beyond, the player takes the role of a pioneer in the space expeditions, visiting planets for resources for their colony.
The exploration of the planets is done by a set of robots controlled by the player, each one accomplishes different tasks, like collection, exploration, defense and attack. It is up to the player to decide which strategy to use to collect as much resources as possible in the time available, while managing their resources, what is needed to create the robots and accomplish the missions.
Starting from its main characteristics, a research was started on the basis of direct and indirect references to build a robot with expression and charisma. An important point for the development of all the characters was the concept of referring all robots to insects, associating them with the size of the scenario of each planet and that the survival capacity of these beings was greater than that of humans.
Ladybug the most excited robot among the others, always attentive and available to help. Ladybug brings a little builder's forms, with her torso / head resembling a helmet and a visor accentuating the eyes so that always when looking at it the viewer directs his look to them.
Collector a grumpy worker, tired of his service, always called to carry resources. Its rectangular shape adds to the head silhouette more annoyance, tiredness, not depending only on the facial expression. Their concept was based on the honey pot ant, which housed food in the abdomen itself.
Hercules, the fighter robot, strong, heroic, has the function of fighting with enemies and collecting resources from stiffer materials. Its silhouette was inspired by super heroes, in which they emphasize the breastplate, presenting an air of security and great self-esteem. His main reference came from the beetle Hercules.
Monster modeling and creation by Hannah Pinheiro, rigging and animation by me.
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