Dreamkid Studio was selected for the program 3rd batch of Samsung Creative Startups with the game FELT,
Emotional education game, using augmented reality (AR), for tablets and android devices, to be used by educators and psychologists with the aim to help on child conflict solving and emotional intelligence development. Its content is divided in three pillars: situational interpretation; decision making and challenges that involve concentration techniques.
All the data extracted from the interviews and the co-creation, was created the blueprint that allowed to visualize the components of the actions with enough details to analyze, implement and maintain them.
Low-Fidelity Prototype
We needed to test if the children will interact with the character and perform the mindfulness technique, so it was made a low-fidelity prototype
AR Cards
Samsung Creative Startups Graduation
The project and team were awarded as the best performing startup of the program, winning an exclusive award and participation in the Samsung Developers Conference 2018.

Samsung Developers Conference 2018
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